Wednesday, 25 April 2018

I workout Monday to Friday. Eat three healthy meals a day and one snack that can be a treat. Weights Monday Wednesday Friday, cardio Tuesday Thursday.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

We're BACK!


I have got to say you are looking JACKED, especially compared to our last blog. Even though the numbers on the scale may seem strange, there is no question you gained muscle and lost weight. Your first two months back are always strange and I'm sure now that you've cultivated the habit, you will be able to control your weight much better. Your arms and shoulders seriously look way bigger! 165 is sooooo attainable it's crazy.

My stats as of today (April 12th, 2016):
215 lbs, coming in at approximately 20% body fat.
Bench: 225 lbs x 6
Deadlift: 315 lbs x 6
Squat: 225 lbs x 6

Main goal is to keep lifts where they are currently and drop body fat to single digit % over the next 12 weeks. Totally shredded by July.

I would say the bulk was overall a success, I really enjoyed not worrying about what I was eating and just focusing on lifting as heavy as I could. Unfortunately I don't think this is the healthiest way to live, so I'll leave that for the winter bulk season.

(Clickable links to follow)


Cardio and Abs Routine

Calorie Tracker

I would love to hear more about what your supplement guy had to say regarding your routine!

Also if strength and gains are your main goal, then we can definitely find a more appropriate routine for your goals!

Either the: Fierce 5x5
Or the: AllPro Novice Routine

Anyway, once again I'm so proud and motivated that you stuck to it for this long with me!

Love you bro :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Month 3! Week 9! Day 57!

Effects So Far

Weight - 156lbs - No effect so far :(


*not including bar

Backflips! Sailing! Summer! DJ! Jobs! Camping! Bowron Lakes! Festivals! Travel!

POST the top of your GAINS!
If you are going to the shred quick put all your sizes and photos up! Do it today! Zomg!

Monday, 25 January 2016

WEEK 2! You made it! I am very excited to continue on this journey with you brother. Your stats are great!

The photo above was after about two months of dieting. I am definitely an easy gainer and a slow loser...

P.S. I haven't actually used ephedrine since the first week I purchased it. Made me very anxious and uncomfortable. For my cut I'll just be following Jim's shortcut to shred.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

I am 153lbs and 37yrs old as of todays date.

Initial Stats:
Bench: 50 Lbs
Deadlift: 50 Lbs
Squat: 80 Lbs
Meal Plans from James 2016
Prep: sun+wed
Eat: mon-tues-thur-fri
Relax: sat
Lunch/Snack/Dinner Prep - 2 portions each of the following;
  1. baked salmon lemon dill + brown rice or quinoa
  2. chicken + salsa + quinoa
  3. meatballs (turkey,peppers,mushrooms,spinach,panko,eggs) + grilled veggies
  4. stew (yams,celery,tomatoes,barley,beef)
  5. green juice (cilantro,celery,kale,ginger,apple, spirulina)
  1. Omelette 2eggs+2whites + veg ( mush, peppers, onions) +  ‘little big bread’
  2. Smoothie (berries,protein,nuts,chia,hemp)
Shopping List

  1. 2dzn eggs
  2. almond milk
  3. peppers
  4. onions
  5. mushrooms
  6. bread
  7. sweet potatoes
  8. carrots
  9. celery
  10. kale
  11. ginger
  12. green apple
  13. cilantro
  1. spinach
  2. zucchini
  3. yam
  4. small tomatoes
  5. lama beans and veg mix
  6. steak
  7. chicken
  8. salmon
  9. ground turkey

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Let's make this year the healthiest you've ever been.

Links to stuff discussed:

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Quick update - hit the 1000 club.
285 Bench
365 Squat
385 Deadlift


Happy Wednesday