Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Yo, a little update, I was lookin' through my old photos from Van, heres me at the beginning of my "transformation". I can't even handle this photo... I'm amazed I got this awesome. (About 200lbs)

After eating a lot better and living on my own, plus gym everyday for about a month. (190lbs)

And finally today, after eating well and hitting the gym relatively hard for about 6 months. (178lbs).

Still got a long ways to go, gotta pack on some serious muscle this winter, and a little more cutting to do this beach season, but I'm pretty pumped seeing the difference a couple months can make!


  1. bro what a difference, i forgot you even had an oz of fat on ya hope thats feeling good on your joints and sleeping well at night. but now.. now its time to bring out the big guns. I will do measuremenst etc right now and a pic so you can see the disrepair I have gotten into then we go from here.. word