Saturday, 7 July 2012

Update Update Update

What are you favorite healthy meals? What meals are you hating?

I found this amazing Couscous at Costco, and have been cooking it with vegetable stock, also anything with quinoa is delicious (spaghetti sauce,  Salad, pretty much everything)

I've been not loving egg whites for some reason. Been mixing them up with salsa or tomatos, making them a little better, but still wanna puke em up! My protein powder is aweful too, makes me sick, supposed to be cookies and cream, but for some reason just doesn't sit well! Gunna go with the usual chocolate and force it down!

Made some GIANT turkey burgers with paps yesterday, they were epic, and super healthy. Ill start posting pics and such and such! Food is 33.333% of the battle! Eat Gym Sleep! LETS DO IT!

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