Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I'm gonna get jacked.
Male age 36 years. 6'1 220lbs Married with 3 kids. 
Worst shape of my life. 
Starting to worry about death. But not just death. Worried about life; about being weak and helpless for the one or two decades i got left. I had it all but wasted it on donuts and deep fried food. The last half of my life is just one great orgy of fast food and lethargy. Winded walking up a single flight of stairs. That was my wake up call. Sweet fucking Odins Eyeless socket. I CANT WALK UP STAIRS. Then I started thinking about the other shit I cant do. Fucking run. Thats old news.Today is the first day. Eat right get right Im gonna be a monster. 
Breakfast: Turkey soup.
Lunch: Double shot Espresso with splenda.
Dinner: Meatloaf and snow peas.
Ok so far the food hasnt been ideal. I am still working it out. CAVEMAN eat whatever they got except bread or whatever. So thats what I did. Starting to feel the low sugar jitters. I am not deliberatly trying to go Ketogenetics but if it happens thats cool. 
Today I thought I would start with some Arms and Legs. Since that is what I want to focus on I thought I would start by making it my goal. Actually my goal is to see my belt buckle. But for strength I wanna see some huge monkey arms and legs sticking out of my buckle. I got carried away. Im doing sort of a variation of the 5x5 Stronglift program everyone is familiar with. Mine is 4 sets of 8 reps and go to fail on last either 10 or 11 but sometimes less than 8. Since today was my first day really getting into the gym, I started really light because I dont wanna hurt myself. Isolated stretches for 30 seconds to warm up. Cranked the music and went to town. I am sweating like a pig in church on whoreday and I feel great getting jacked. My plan is also to basicly not talk about it with anyone at work and let it be a secret surprise for next year when I ride chariots and wrestle Lions.

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  1. The ending of this is such an awesome gif hahahah im totally with you bro! Its been a little over a year since you wrote this, lets get to it, post an update!