Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Quick update - hit the 1000 club.
285 Bench
365 Squat
385 Deadlift


Happy Wednesday


  1. That is so profoundly amazing, wow the 1000 club, I just benched for the first time in a few years and I did one 25Lbs 14 times. I was tired afterwards. Are you doing 130Lbs each side?

  2. Hahaha 285 is my one rep max!
    So there was four 45lbs plates, two 25lbs plates and two 5lbs plates on the bar, which I was able to bring to my chest and press up once.

    My 2016 goal is 315 on the bench! 3 plates a side.

    The hardest one for me is the squat because of my bad knees. three 45s and a 25 on each side was super stressful. The deadlift is a fun one but I've been working hard on that for a very long time.